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‘Adelaide Rocks’ awarded in the RAH Site International Design Competition

A collaboration with Slovakia’s Nice Architects, our proposal has won the People’s Choice and tied Second Place awards in the RAH (Royal Adelaide Hospital) Site International Design Competition. Mulloway joined Nice Architects during the second stage of the competition, together with 2ka Landscape Architects, sustainability consultant Jasmine Palmer, and economic analyst Alex Hrelja of Hill PDA.

‘Adelaide Rocks’ is a new urban quarter. It is an engaging, unexpected, fun, active, and multi-layered place built around sound ecological principles and economic sustainability. It is a significant cultural and civic space that continues and consolidates the North Terrace boulevard and Riverbank Precinct in Adelaide.

The core of the proposal is a massive urban gesture – a hill formed from the recycled material of demolished buildings, turning waste into a positive, exciting, and unique urban space. The hill provides a strong identity for the place, for the city and the state, and together with a series of embedded functions, creates a space that is quirky and engaging. A green and vertical landscape that connects the city to the parklands, the hill provides active and passive recreational opportunities not readily available within Adelaide’s CBD.

The hill also provides a series of unique ecological opportunities. The mass and height of the hill supports the climate control of interior and exterior spaces throughout the site through subsidence cooling, geothermal exchange, heat extraction via a thermal chimney and the storage of cooling energy in a mass cool chamber.

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