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Esther – the ‘New’ Kid on the Block!

Hi! I am now the NEW (but not so new) kid here at Mulloway Studio. I have recently returned to Adelaide after completing a MA (Development Studies) from University of New South Wales.

I spent last year learning about the complexities of social issues, both at the local and international level. I learnt the application of community development models in public consultation processes and a ‘rights-based’ approach to project management. I also studied the role policies play in making changes for a better social outcome. During my time in Sydney, I also worked as an architect with Constructive Dialogue Architects (CDA), gaining experience on various design projects for social welfare agencies including St Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.

Development is crucial for progress and advancement, but can development exist alongside social justice? Where does my (the architectural) profession sit within the argument for development? Can an architectural practise be profitable, but also work with a social conscience? Can design help deliver better outcomes for social programs, and if so, how can we emphasis the need for investment in capital works?

My (limited) time working with CDA began exploring some of the questions above and I hope I can continue my research in finding how social justice can fit within the architectural framework here at Mulloway.

All said, I am now also a proud mother of a 6 month old Eleanor!