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15@16 Disposable

Mulloway Studio have again hosted another ‘15’ event on Dec 10.  This was the 8th of this ongoing series that draws upon the creative energy in Adelaide.

‘15’ aims to become a platform where both young and the experienced designers can come together informally to talk about their work. The premise of ‘15’ is that at each event a theme is set. The theme acts as a guideline, and is open for interpretation.

The theme for this event was “Disposable”. Presenters came from a range of disciplines including animation, graphic design, architecture, journalism, museum collections and others.  ”Disposable” presenters were  Chris Edser, Yianni Hill, Mark Pharoah, Ianto Ware, Matthew Stuckey + Joel Knaap, Tim Simpson, Ellen Buttrose,  Connor Tomas O’Brien, Kiri Olney, Sue Phillips and Michael Pilkington.

Past presentations were themed Giraffe, Ikea, Milk, SMLXL, TLC, Pretty Ordinary and Alchemy.  The next 15 is anticipated in February 2011.