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Parachilna Open Space Concept

Parachilna is a unique community that lies within the heartland of a unique Ediacaran geological landscape. It sits between the Flinders Ranges to the East and a vast outback horizon to the West.  This open space concept draws upon the character of this remarkable and ancient landscape, and deliberately remains part of its surrounding landscape. Design strategies incorporate built form and embedded interpretation and sound installations. It is about incidental discovery and building an appreciation of this special place.

The square, adapted from a degraded former railway reserve, is designed to support a range of functions; it can be considered an outdoor art gallery, event space, playground and museum/interpretive centre. The gently sloping rampway inserted along the northern edge of the square is intended to provoke people’s response to living in the outback and reveal the landscape.  The ramp structure integrates a ramped viewing platform, new public toilets, interpretation and playspace.

Tied to a larger vision and long-term framework for the development of the town, this proposal is a collaborative effort between the team of Mulloway Studio and Lorraine Edmunds, together with Johannes S Sistermanns, and input from the community, OCA, DPLG, and other stakeholders.