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(neq)REMIX_an urban drama for 4 institutions + many players

Now that the RAH competition entry is packed away and the discussions about the shortlisted entries begins it is worthwhile looking back at the scheme we proposed. Did it match our expectations and how well did it compare to the others?

Working collaboratively with Aspect Studios, URPS, Fascination Street, and Gregg Mitchell, the process was full of the usual competition debates, the angst of deadlines and the huge amount of work. But we got it done and done well. The team kicked around some great ideas about the urban realm and the bulk of the process was a lot of fun. Looking at the other entries it stacks up pretty well.

It’s also interesting to think about why we would undertake this. Why we would expend so much money and time on such a slim chance. We are part of the design professions and felt it was important to at least participate in this design enterprise – the largest design competition in South Australia for some time. We want to shape the place we live in and offer ideas and solutions relating to our own backyard.  It’s what we do. Next…