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‘Bridge’ Exhibition 2018 – Bridge Over Dock 1 by Mulloway Studio

Our participation in these series of exhibitions is aimed at focussing on Port Adelaide and its built environment, and more specifically, how to re-fold its stories and artefacts into its ongoing development and change.

As architects we like to design things – buildings mainly, but we also work on civic and community spaces, artworks, and exhibitions, and we use this desire to investigate aspects of Port Adelaide. With Bridge we delve into the possibilities of building over water, of creating a place where there would ordinarily be a gap. While a new pedestrian bridge here is a vital piece in the ongoing urban puzzle of the Port’s redevelopment, we consider what else it might be. Within this frame of reference we propose a structure that is part building, part boat; a structure that moves with the tide with a nod to the work of Tasmanian architect Robert Morris Nunn.

Taking the idea of moving/movable buildings even further, the project adopts the former Centrals boat-building shed (currently in storage) as the central element in the bridge as clock. A building that has been moved several times previously, we intend to set it into a type of perpetual movement – as a large-scale timepiece. Moving back and forth along a track, the building is a large urban element that tells the time. Time and Tide being key things in shipping, the structure reflects this universal notion providing a curious way of re-folding stories and artefacts.

Mulloway Studio February 2018
Digital print with coloured pencil overlay. Derwent Nº20, Crimson Lake
Anthony Coupe
Felicity Sando
Ricky Sallemi
Ella Xie