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Photographer: Chris Woods © History Trust of South Australia

Leviathan – Exhibition Design – South Australian Maritime Museum

Leviathan explores the place of whales in the cultures and spiritual life of peoples through a rich collection of artefacts, including Ngarrindjeri and Mirning artworks. Unique objects, artworks and a 3.5m whale skull form the main focus of the exhibition. …


POSTED 9 March
Love knot opening 2018

The Riverbank Love Knot

The Riverbank Love Knot is formed from two intertwined overhand knots—a symbol of binding love. Mulloway designed the artwork providing a new place for Adelaide’s love locks. The artwork acknowledges the traditional lovers knots used across many cultures, with the …


POSTED 5 March

15 @ the chapel- BLACK

15 is ongoing series that draws upon the creative energy in Adelaide. Mulloway Studio partnered with Migration Museum to deliver these latest in the 15 series—most recently BLACK—and soon BLUE—two vibrant, fast-paced ʻcatch your breathʼ presenter events happening alongside Adelaide’s …


POSTED 5 March

‘Bridge’ Exhibition 2018 – Bridge Over Dock 1 by Mulloway Studio

Our participation in these series of exhibitions is aimed at focussing on Port Adelaide and its built environment, and more specifically, how to re-fold its stories and artefacts into its ongoing development and change. As architects we like to design …


POSTED 28 February
Gallery 6

Gallery 6 Redevelopment-Migration Museum

Elaborating the notion of ‘Superdiversity’ this redevelopment of Gallery 6 provides an outlook on 21st Century immigration. Mulloway worked with the Migration Museum’s curatorial team to re-think the existing space and provide a new way of presenting the stories and …


POSTED 20 February