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Semaphore House Alterations

A significant re-working of the rear half of a timber house in Semaphore has just been completed. Rare for South Australia, a number of timber houses can be seen around the Port Adelaide and Semaphore areas. Having been subject to significant termite attack, south westerly rain and wind, the house was in poor condition.

Alterations and additions have typically ‘reversed’ the house, with living areas addressing the north and west at the rear of the building. Using matching timber cladding and baltic pine flooring, the new work recognises the original without trying to mimic. Located on a relatively compact site, the addition seeks to use the entire back garden as living space. the two major spaces addressing the garden have large operable doors that dissolve the difference between external and internal space. The new spaces also take on a level of ‘verticality’ opening upwards to two established trees that help enclose and focus the external space.

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