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parraNET: design parramatta 2012.

parraNET was developed in collaboration with Ernest Edmonds for Parramatta City Council as part of Design Parramatta, a six week design workshop to develop a series of ideas and concepts that will influence the city’s public domain strategy.

It is a project that explores how large scale, ‘flat’ artistic installations can activate the negative elevations of buildings in Parramatta. Through the use of large colour surface coupled with historical and real time images activated by sensory technology, parraNET aims to transform parts of the city into an urban gallery by arousing cultural curiosity. As large colour planes/surfaces, they insert ‘calm interventions’ into the city-scape and encourage reflection of the urban framework. The large scale art installation is further supported by a network of interactive elements including a series of pop-up short term screens and smart phone apps connected through a central display node.

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