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Leviathan – Exhibition Design – South Australian Maritime Museum

Leviathan explores the place of whales in the cultures and spiritual life of peoples through a rich collection of artefacts, including Ngarrindjeri and Mirning artworks. Unique objects, artworks and a 3.5m whale skull form the main focus of the exhibition. These are supported by projections and interactives, an augmented reality experience and a whale migration floor game.
The design responds to the content: the connections between these great gigantic creatures traversing the deep and their interactions with the human world. The exploration of the notion of depth and scale forms the structure of the exhibition concept.
• intricacies vs immensities
• underworld vs overworld
The objects provide a window for visitors gain an understanding of our cultural, scientific and industrial connections to whales.
Artefacts are presented within dark coloured cases reminiscent of the deep, with objects presented on a lighter background, reminiscent of the human world above water. Red is used where there is particularly high level of human intervention.
Photo Credits: Photographer Chris Woods © History Trust of South Australia